Success on any level by any definition is largely the result of good leadership. It is safe to say without good leadership, whether individualized or corporate, success remains elusive. Therefore, finding good leaders is paramount in order to further any good and worth while endeavor. But how do you find good leaders? Even more important, what are the indicators of potential leaders?
The evidence of good leadership is when a person can inspire followers to accomplish the common goal through maximizing their individual potential. Therefore, in order to identify a leader, you must search for the indicators in a person that suggest they can inspire their followers to maximize their potential and to use that potential toward the common goal. In order for a person to accomplish this task of a leader, they must be a problem solver.

In order to find a problem solver and hence your potential future leader, there are five characteristics you will want to identify. A potential leader is:

  1. Not a complainer.
  2. Looking for solutions.
  3. Teachable and open to suggestions.
  4. Always taking action.
  5. Demonstrating his propensity to lead through his excellence in following.
  6. Finding leaders is like finding a pair of shoes; if you don’t get the right characteristics (size, style, comfort of fit) the results can be crippling.

Michael McFadden is a leadership & performance expert, speaker, and author.

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