A pilot, minister, and business consultant outlines how to be “pilot in command” in order to achieve one’s unique purpose in this debut Christian self-help guide. McFadden begins this book with an account of a time when he, a certified airplane pilot, got lost while flying. He then recommends the 12-step process that he used to complete his trip as a useful tool for “landing your life at t…Read More

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  2. A Terrific Coach

    I am a member of Michael’s coaching program. He is a terrific coach and teacher. I recommend him for students, teachers, professors, and anyone who aspires for greatness.…Read More

    Felicia M. Mensah, Ph.D., Asst. Professor Teachers College Columbia University New York, NY
  3. Dynamic

    Mr. McFadden is dynamic in his way of connecting with students as well as adults. He teaches, he inspires, and he is an example. Mr. McFadden has motivated my students and trained my staff. He is awesome!…Read More

    Sheron Colston, Pricipal District of Columbia Public Schools Washington, DC
  4. Very Engaging

    Very engaging! Kept the students captivated and had them on the edge of their seats.…Read More

    Ruth Moore, Montessori Educator Children’s House Montessori Center Washington, DC
  5. Excellent Information

    Excellent information! This book is a must read for students. Every school library should have copies of this book for their students.…Read More

    Naomi Wilson, Retired School Teacher 30+ years service, Philadelphia Board of Ed. Philadelphia, PA
  6. Don’t Stop

    Michael you are on fire! Don’t stop teaching the way you do!…Read More

    Hamil Harris, Staff Writer Washington Post Washington, DC
  7. Success And Leadership

    No one has ever cracked open the secrets of success and leadership the way you have for me. You are a teacher among teachers!…Read More

    Lynne Persons
  8. Timeless

    Michael’s message is timeless, relevant, and beneficial for all leaders who want to succeed!…Read More

    Denman Hamilton, Sr. Partner Synergy Search Partners Washington, DC
  9. Great Information

    Awesome! Great information! Your talk has inspired me and taken my skills to the next level. The results are invaluable for me, my team, and my business.…Read More

    Denise Revel, President and CEO Moore Communication Connections, Greenbelt, MD
  10. An Extraordinary Thought Leader

    Michael is an extraordinary thought leader. My team continues to request his return.…Read More

    Carmela Wharton, Senior Associate