A pilot, minister, and business consultant outlines how to be “pilot in command” in order to achieve one’s unique
purpose in this debut Christian self-help guide.

McFadden begins this book with an account of a time when he, a certified airplane pilot, got lost while flying. He then
recommends the 12-step process that he used to complete his trip as a useful tool for “landing your life at the intended
destination.” Steps 1 through 4 are focused on “getting on purpose”: embrace the idea that you are a “pilot” in control of
your own life, not a passive victim; identify your present location (that is, your current situation); identify your
destination (the “destiny” you’d like to achieve); and “Develop Your In-flight Recovery Plan”—a strategy that includes
anticipating responses to obstacles. Steps 5 through 8 address the “Ah-Ha” part of the quest, after you’ve settled on what
your dreams are: “Get some altitude” by getting a boost from mentors; “Keep Your Wits” about you, because your
biggest obstacle is often yourself; “Maintain Proper Heading,” or ignore distractions; and “Tune In Appropriate
Frequencies” by listening to the “voice of your original creator trying to reveal your true potential.” Steps 9 through 12
cover the last leg, during which you should manage stress; use all assistance available; shed bad behaviors; and finally
achieve success “with grace and dignity for all.” Debut author McFadden, a Maryland-based Christian minister and the
founder and president of The Leadership Training Company, offers an inspiring vision and helpful tactics for finding
meaning and one’s ultimate purpose in life. His admissions of his own challenges, such as giving up early on “one of
[his] callings” to be a lawyer, make him a relatable voice, and never a lofty one. Although the book’s biblical references
and mentions of one’s “creator” may not appeal to everyone, he does provide a motivating, forward-looking method that
like-minded readers may consider when navigating their own life courses.

An empowering extended metaphor that yields an array of useful advice.

Kirkus Media LLC