Leadership Training / Management Training Services

At The Leadership Training Company, we specialize in producing measurable results for your company by helping your people realize their full potential. We do not simply “motivate” (for example, if you motivate a criminal, you have a motivated criminal.)

Instead, we use an educational approach to create inspired leaders who convey a positive synergy that reverberates company-wide, and does not fade over time.

The Leadership Training Company can Produce Results in:

  • Leadership Training for Executives
  • Leadership Training for first time Managers
  • Sales Training
  • Team Building for Professionals
  • Peak Performance Training for Professionals
  • Time Management
  • Diversity Training
  • Innovative Problem Solving
  • And much more…

We offer the above services in a variety of ways:

Seminars and Convention Speaking

From speaking at corporate conventions to annual conferences, Michael McFadden specializes in dynamic, focused presentations that will teach people the essential fundamentals of leadership and good business relationships. Please contact us to check on Michael’s availability.

Onsite Workshops and Custom Training

Michael can come to your company and conduct a multi-day (and multi topic) workshop custom tailored to your individual needs. From sales training to time management to diversity training, your organization will benefit tremendously from Michael’s dynamic, education-based approach.

Professional Speaker for smaller meetings

Michael is just as comfortable speaking to a small group as he is a conference hall, and is always a motivating and inspired presence. Call on Michael for Breakfast Meetings, Luncheons, Sales Meetings, Region Meetings, or any other assembly.

Offsite Retreats

Michael McFadden facilitates vision and strategic planning retreats for a wide range of businesses and organizations. These retreats can be custom designed for Management and Leadership Teams, Executive Committees, Nonprofit organizations, Boards, and government agencies; and can range anywhere from a half day to an entire week. Your people will not only come away inspired and invigorated, but will also learn essential management and leadership skills that will last a lifetime.


The Leadership Training Company can help you develop a leadership training program, diversity training program, or any other topic we specialize in.

Keynote Speaking

Michael is a dynamic speaker, and the perfect addition to any speaker lineup. Download Michael’s one-sheeter.


We are currently offering a free seven day e-course entitled “Leadership: How to Inspire Your Employees to Reach their Potential”. Click here to sign up.