You mention you are not just a motivational speaker. What does that mean?

Typically, a motivational speaker gets a rise out of the audience by talking about broad concepts like “make it happen”. And while everyone leaves refreshed and motivated, the effects tend to wear off quickly. As soon as the “everyday grind” returns, so do the old habits.

While The Leadership Training Company does motivate, we also strive to change behavior through a specific educational process. When people leave a Michael McFadden seminar, workshop, or speech, they leave with concepts and life changing strategies that can be utilized over and over, and are never forgotten.

Do you specialize in different areas of business?

Oh yes. We do everything from sales training to management and team building to diversity training. Almost any business concept imaginable – The Leadership Training Company can tailor a program specifically for you.

Can you come to our company and hold a three day (five day, one day) workshop? With a different topic each day?

Yes and yes.

What are your fees?

Each talk we give, and each program we do, is unique. Thus our fee structure varies according to your specific needs. Suffice to say, companies have found The Leadership Training Company to be an incredible value given the results we produce.

Where can I sign up for your free seven day e-course?

Right here.