1. Excited About The Information

    I am so excited about the information I receive from Mr. McFadden I have changed my tee time to plug into his coaching program. I have retained his services for my whole staff.…Read More

    Bob Woodson, President Center for Neighborhood Enterprises
  2. A Leader Of Leaders

    Michael McFadden has been my leadership coach for 10 yrs. He is a leader of leaders. Has programs have inspired my staff to become better leaders.…Read More

    Dr. Jason Henderson, CIO Ergo Solutions Washington, DC
  3. Maximize Your Potential

    Michael K. McFadden’s tips and strategies will maximize your potential and take your leadership to new heights.…Read More

    James Malinchak, Co-Author “Chicken Soup for the College Soul”
  4. A Dynamite Speaker

    Michael McFadden is a dynamite speaker and his pearls of wisdom help people do more, be more, and achieve more.…Read More

    Willie Jolley, Award Winning Speaker
  5. Will Help You

    Michael’s practical ideas will help you become a leader, and perform at your best.…Read More

    Brian Tracy, Author “Road to Wealth”